Remote Work Agreement


Dear Employers,


Because a state of emergency was announced in the country, the Government encourages its citizens to avoid going out and to work from home whenever possible. A few days ago, the National Assembly also adopted laws prescribing liability for failure to comply with the requirements of isolation or self-isolation. In this situation, the necessity of contractual settlement of the home-based work performed by the Employee arises under the provisions of the 98th Article of RA Labor Code (Employment Agreement with home-based the Employees).

Our team has prepared a template document containing the main legal rules governing the home-based work of the Employees. The document is free-of-charge for both our Clients and the business community. In the case of execution, this document will be an integral part of the main employment agreement signed with your employee. The aim of the Appendix is to make the work performed from home more manageable on your end. Of course, it can be modified per the nature of the company’s activities, appropriate and necessary addition might be made.

According to our sources, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of RA has elaborated and circulates draft amendments and supplements to the Labor Code regulating home-based work. We will review this document in the case National Assembly adopts the package.

Besides, we would like to introduce you to some useful apps and links that will help facilitate organizing your work from home:

DocuSign* will allow you to sign documents online. 

CamScanner** app will allow you to scan any document using your phone.

Authenticator*** app will secure the passwords of Employees.

Zoom****you will allow you to organize remote video conferences.

For any further assistance, please liaise with any of our partners or lawyers you are currently working with.


TK & Partners Team