Helen Avetisyan

Junior Associate

Helen Avetisyan is a proud “victim” of our firm’s latest talent acquisition expedition. While studying at the French University she showed great interest in financial and corporate law, therefore joining TK & Partners was a no-brainer for her, as she knew that there probably was no better place to practice these two important fields of law. 

Lately, she has successfully finished an important internship at Maison de la Justice et du Droit secteur Paris Nord-Est in Paris, France, where she was giving legal advice on immigration law, labour law, criminal law and also participating in mediation proceedings.

Currently, she works in tandem with the firm’s Managing Partner, hoping to become a more independent attorney in the near future. 

She is passionate and have practiced fencing, in other words "physical chess." Thinking strategically and planning ahead are very important in fencing because the fencer should know how her opponent will react to the attack. Helen tries to use those skills in her legal practice as well. She is also a wonderful jazz singer. 

Helen can be reached at:

E-mail: havetisyan@tk.partners 

Phone: +(374 98) 401 501