We can take care of your tech start-up company

You know your life changes when your start-up idea gains some interest among "angels" and venturers after a long journey of fundraising efforts. New (and sometimes very confusing) terminology is being used by these guys. “SAFE Instrument”, “Convertible Notes”, “Convertible Bonds”, “Pre-Money Valuation”, “Affirmative & Negative Covenants”, “Closings” and many more – these are the terms that are going to be thrown at you (hidden in a 300 pages legal documents), but in reality all you need is more funding to make your company a unicorn and you know how to get there! You shouldn’t blame yourself for not taking law, finance and accounting classes! We can take care of it - we know what it means to be a tech start-up company!!!

Our team has been working on many deals involving investments in IT and tech start-ups. We have been representing bankers, financiers and all other types of investors and we can help you to focus on your idea while we are dealing with your legal documentation. Just ask us how.