Restrictive Covenants under Armenian law

Maybe you are in the winemaking business and thinking that some of your employees might learn the tricks and set up a competing winery? Or you are a serious player in the IT world and afraid that your engineer might casually talk about your new product over Friday night beer table. How about the case, when you are running a hotel and your line manager leaves to work for your competitor and takes some of your best staff members with him? Surely you wouldn’t want your accountant to poach your clients and take them with her when she opens her own accounting shop across the street.

Here at TK&Partners, we know how to help you with these issues by carefully and mindfully devising “restrictive covenants” in your employment or service provision contracts under Armenian law. That’s because we have taken employment law practice to a new level in Armenia, one that better suits today’s entrepreneur’s needs. Just ask us how!