How are we different?

There are a number of wonderful firms providing legal and advisory services in this glorious town, but we believe we are different (don’t get us wrong we are good friends with many of them and think they are doing a fine job).

So really: how are we different?

WE ARE GLOBAL! And we are so because we think and act globally. We believe there are no and should be no barriers or borders for our clients.

WE THINK BUSINESS! We believe that our clients’ business model and interests come before any legal archaic technicalities, so we strive to find modern legal solutions and instruments to serve our clients’ business model.

WE UNDERSTAND POLICY! All our partners have been policymakers for many years and they know public policy inside out. So they understand how public policy, regulation and politics might affect our clients’ business and advise accordingly.

WE ARE DRIVEN BY INNOVATION! We innovate. We do it day and night. We both preach and practice innovation. It’s rooted in our firm’s culture.

WE ARE NETWORKED! We believe that the network of experts in a large group of fields and countries that we have managed to build over the years is one of our biggest assets. We grow our network every day and make it readily available to our clients.

This is how we are different.