Weekly Client Alert # 20


BILLS in Parliament


Quarantine Instead of the State of Emergency

Henceforth, in case of the risk of penetration of infectious diseases into the territory of the Republic of Armenia, their origin and spread, as well as in case of outbreaks, epidemics and emergencies, quarantine may be established.

According to the legislative package

  • The quarantine may be established in the whole territory or in certain areas (addresses).
  • The decision to establish quarantine is made by RA government, the governor, the mayor of Yerevan upon the proposal of the authorized body. The authorized body is the Ministry of Health.
  • Quarantine is set for up to 6 months, can be extended for up to 6 months. /There is no maximum term for quarantine. /
  • The following measures may be applied during the quarantine: the establishment of a special regime of entry and exit in the epidemic (quarantine) zone, temporary cessation or restriction of communication across the state border, restrictions on the right of persons to free movement, movement of vehicles, observation, self-isolation and isolation.


The following measures also may be applied: restrictions on organizing, holding or participating in rallies or public events, defining sanitary and epidemiological rules for legal entities, restrictions on the transportation of goods, restrictions on the activities of educational institutions, restrictions on state, local and other institutions.

According to the bills it has been envisaged special administrative proceedings, through which it will be possible to examine the legality of the measures taken within the framework of quarantine.

The term of the proceedings in the first instance has been set 10 days, with the possibility of extension only once for 10 days, and in the appellate instance for 2 months.

Both administrative and criminal liability are envisaged for violation of isolation/self-isolation or personal protection measures during the quarantine.

The proposed package of bills does not envisage the use of an electronic location system and a ban on economic activity.

The package of bills has been adopted by the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia in the second reading.


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